August 26, 2015

Mater Dei Hospital computerizes its processes with MV system

In a partnership with MV since 2006, Mater Dei Hospital is able to list several benefits achieved in these nine years. By converting manual processes into computerized processes, Mater Dei achieved improvements in all areas. In Billing, it achieved a significant percentage increase in the first quarter after using the system. “In the billing automation, MV is the most advanced solution available in the market,” said the superintendent of Infrastructure of Mater Dei Hospital, Rafaela França.

In the video testimony below, the superintendent talks about the institution achievements with the implementation of the MV system and how, in addition to improve billing, MV also optimized electronic medical prescription. “We have a perfect marriage: a technology company that continuously seeks to evolve and Mater Dei extremely interested in automated processes,” said Rafaela. Click here to watch.