Hospital Bandeirantes uses MV system in 100% of its strategic planning

To continue growing, Hospital Bandeirantes used the technology as the main strategy of its planning. After conducting a detailed diagnosis, the Hospital identified which areas were not taking advantage of MV system and were therefore compromising the results. With the correct use of the solutions, the institution ensured the reduction of disallowances, increased ticket, that is, the institution started to earn more for what was produced, and achieved a better inventory control.

For 68 years operating in the market, Hospital Bandeirantes, despite its solid experience in the field, saw the opportunity of reinventing itself to continue growing. In 2012, the institution used its strategic planning as the gateway to a new reality and Technology was considered a differentiated strategy. Once again, MV was a partner in this project and ensured that, with its solutions, Hospital Bandeirantes would achieve the expected results. To structure the strategic planning, the hospital conducted a diagnosis of the scenario experienced, analyzing the entire supply chain, focusing on the identification of gaps and points of vulnerability, and identifying processes where MV system was underutilized. As a result, the institution realized that the proper use of the system was a key point to optimize time, reduce costs and ensure better results. MV system should therefore be inserted in all processes of the supply chain. Processes such as Health Plan Billing, Inventory Control, Hospital Admission, Emergency Care, Medical and Clinical Transfer were adapted seeking the full use of the system, that is, the areas began to widely use the resources of the solution to facilitate flow, reduce unnecessary efforts and consequently, achieve better results. The first project was the Re-registration of Information in the system. With a base consisting of more than 80 paying sources, this initiative ensured the reduction of disallowances, since the entry of inputs and services became more assertive, and an increase in the ticket, that is, the institution began to earn more for what was produced. In the Oncology project, MV system was essential for the registration of inventory configurations, allowing a better control of chemotherapy drugs and the use of smaller stocks to reduce cash expenditure, which impacts on profitability. Another change in the institution, promoted with the use of the Customer Service System also offered by MV, was the adoption of a policy to listen to the patients. “We started working with the customer’s opinion about us, analyzing compliments and complaints, not only responding, but also transforming this data into information for structuring the strategic planning, allowing the institution to have a more proactive position,” said Rodrigo Lopes, Executive Director of Hospital Bandeirantes who accompanied the implementation project of MV system from the beginning. In the Emergency Department, the hospital started using the Electronic Patient Record (EPR). With the EPR, it was possible to see the production of the doctor in the emergency care and the average waiting time of patients which allowed us to restructure medical timetable, reduce the average ticket of doctors’ fees and improved patient care. Combining MV system to the strategic planning helped Hospital Bandeirantes to develop 100% of its projects based on the system functionalities. “Our strategic planning heavily relies on MV solutions,” said Rodrigo.


  • Our strategic planning heavily relies on MV solutions.

    Rodrigo Lopes
    Rodrigo Lopes Executive Director, Hospital Bandeirantes

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