Accountability and Transparency

In order to preserve the integrity of the company, create mechanisms for a transparent and accountable administration, make a difference in the market and constructively align the interests of shareholders, board of directors, employees and regulatory agencies, MV operates with the highest Corporate Governance standards.

Since its foundation, MV has been loyal to its principles and values, putting into practice a governance policy on a daily basis.

Code of Ethics

Ethical conduct supports the development and strengthening of MV.

MV’s Code of Ethics is a practical guide to the guidelines and norms of behavior deemed ethically correct, which seeks to regulate the conduct and actions of all its controlled companies and subsidiaries, as well as all employees (regardless of their hierarchical position), business partners and service providers, and establishes their ethical obligations in relation to MV, consolidating its cultural identity, values and principles.


Paulo Magnus

Founder and CEO of MV, Paulo Magnus holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing. He is a member of the group of entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor, for his capacity to execution and leadership, in addition to the great potential of MV to generate wealth and jobs. In 2006, he received the Top Hospitalar award as “Executive of the Year of the supplier industry.” In 2013 and 2014, he was nominated one of the 100 most influential people in the healthcare segment in Brazil by HealthCare magazine.

Alceu Alves

Vice-presidente da MV, Alceu Alves é graduado em Ciências Contábeis e pós-graduado em Administração Hospitalar. Com mais de 40 anos de trabalho em Gestão Hospitalar e serviços de Saúde, já teve passagens pelo Hospital Mãe de Deus de Porto Alegre, como CEO, e pelo Ministério da Saúde, como chefe de gabinete do ex-ministro Carlos César de Albuquerque e como assessor especial do ex-ministro José Serra.