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MV is a market leader in health management systems and has always shown determination for excellence, innovation and generation of results. Growing side by side with its customers, it expanded its operations steadily and sustainably, establishing partnerships and investing in people’s talent.

Today, it is the protagonist of one of the largest health communities in the world, providing specialized management solutions in the segment. More than 1,000 organizations, 100,000 doctors and 275,000 professionals in Brazil, Latin America and Africa have discovered the transformative power of using technology in favor of management, health and life.

With courage and boldness, MV creates special conditions for health care, welfare and an efficient and humane care.

Conheça a MV

Do compromisso de um empreendedor à liderança no mercado em sistemas de gestão de saúde. Assista ao vídeo e entenda como a MV vem mudando o cenário da saúde através da competência dos seus profissionais, qualidade das suas soluções e confiança dos seus clientes.

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Mission and vision


Make healthcare management more efficient, humane and sustainable, seeking to ensure better health for everyone.


Be the natural choice in terms of technology and services for health, admired for the innovation and competence of its professionals and recognized as a global company that ensures more efficiency in healthcare management.

Our Way of Being

History of innovation and growth

It has been almost thirty years of commitment, competence and transparency, always supported by a team of talented and highly qualified professionals. The entrepreneurial spirit of its founder and CEO Paulo Magnus has led the history of success of the company: development of innovative management solutions, expertise in complex projects, creation of new business units, acquisition of companies and global expansion.

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  • Founded on July 20, 1987, in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, MV initially offered hospital billing services, seeking to obtain better results of client organizations.

  • Expansion of its presence in Brazil, establishing the administrative office in Recife.

  • Launch of SGHI (Integrated Hospital Management System), in Clipper programming language, one of the first hospital management systems in Brazil.

1997 - 2008

  • Development of the hospital management system MV2000i in Oracle platform.

  • Launch of the Electronic Patient Record.

  • Provision of consulting services, with specific process management concepts and methods in healthcare.

  • Development of business intelligence solutions (BI), Balanced Scorecard (BSC), key process indicators (KPI) and quality management.

  • Beginning of the international operation.

2009 - 2015

Consolidation and Global Expansion
  • Development of the SOUL MV® platform with Java technology, bringing together solutions for hospitals, health insurance providers and public health.

  • Structuring of the MV Community, social networking with our clients’ managers and professionals to foster knowledge and exchange of experiences on healthcare management.

  • Incorporation of Microdata, Hospidata and Consulfarma, expanding the portfolio of solutions for diagnostic medicine centers, clinics, hospitals and municipal health departments.

  • Acquisition of the GPSi platform, offering solutions approved by Unimed System

  • Launch of the Global Health platform and development of solutions and applications for personal health care and well-being

  • Expansion of operations in Latin America and Africa, with clients operating in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Angola.

  • Partnership with the investment fund Insight Venture Partners, strengthening the strategy of consolidation and global expansion.

  • KLAS award: MV is recognized as supplier of electronic health record with largest market share in Latin America and better performance, according to the Global reports EMR Market Share: Energy Increases Rapidly Outside the U.S. in 2014 e Global EMR Performance 2015: Global and Regional Performance Examined.