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Electronic Patient Record

More safety for healthcare
professionals and patients

The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution brings together clinical and medical information of all medical care provided to patients, simplifying data storage and facilitating the day-to-day work of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. The system also allows the statistical analysis of clinical information and ensures the full legibility of information.


  • Registration of all procedures performed on the patient.

  • Elimination of paper from medical and health care procedures.

  • Greater control in the access to information through biometry.

  • Greater control of the patient’s risks.

  • Absolute readability of patient record information.

  • Standardization and efficiency of processes.

  • Increased patient satisfaction with the agility provided during the medical care.

  • Collaboration with accreditation processes.

  • Improved patient safety.

  • Humanization of medical care.

  • Effective communication between doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals who have access to patient records.

  • The activities carried out by the medical staff are fully guaranteed, as well as the quality in patient care.

  • Statistical analysis of clinical information.


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