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Primary Care

Greater control in the health care of the population.

The Primary Care solution contemplates essential resources for teamwork in the family health management. The solution allows health professionals and managers to fully operate and control the entire support and management process of the medical information of the population covered, respecting the particularities of each municipality in the different forms of primary care.


  • It feeds the database of clinical, epidemiological and managerial registration data;

  • Enables the management and monitoring of family health strategy and the benefits of the family health strategy;

  • Performs the complete management of the vaccination room;

  • Performs the risk stratification of the families through geoprocessing;

  • Full integration with the electronic patient record and management systems of secondary and tertiary care;

  • Ensures the compliance with the obligations required by ordinances and regulatory bodies of the segment;

  • Humanizes medical care with the organization of queues according to the priority;

  • Fulfills the International Classification of Primary Care (CIAP-2);

  • Allows the outline of the family genogram; and

  • Follows the premises and updates from the Ministry of Health.


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