MV streamlines management and maximizes results at Hospital Leforte

With Strategic Management and Quality solutions, the hospital units started having access to strategic maps, performance indicators, control tools and data for a better management

The ones familiar with MV and the customer community that the company has been building throughout more than 30 years know that the partnership with Hospital Lerforte is not recent. In 2007, MV solutions were implemented at two hospital units and, since then, the institution has been developing its technological complex with the support of the leading company in Health management systems. The reason for this is the benefits achieved with the use of IT not only in the assistance area, but also in the administrative area.

In addition to solutions such as electronic records, risk classification and others that increase the efficiency when treating the patient, Hospital Leforte adopted the Strategic Management and Quality solutions offered by MV to ensure a complete process overview. The use of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Performance Indicators Management (KPI) and Project Management provided the institution with access to strategic maps, key performance indicators and control tools to record action plans, which ensured the possibility of defining strategies that aid in the business, service and quality management, "When we chose to implement these solutions, the goal was to ensure, for all institutional levels, the management, standardization and transparency of indicators. All of this so that there would be a better information follow-up, more agility when making decisions and building the results history. But the gains obtained were greater", comments Vilania Sobral, Quality corporate coordinator at Hospital Leforte.

With the use of the Occurrence Management system, for example, the hospital went on to have a tool for recording and controlling non-compliances, analysis and treatment of the root cause of occurrences, monitoring of sentinel occurrences, event management and process improvement. In accordance with the coordinator, "previously, at one of Leforte's units, there was a computerized system, but it didn't meet the needs. At another unit, however, the notifications were carried out manually and the data measured on a spreadsheet."

To Rodrigo Lopes, CEO at Hospital Leforte, the integration between MV and the Health institution is something that makes a big difference in the day-to-day. "The closeness that the company has with its customers, the knowledge on their needs and the commitment it assumes change our results." Understanding that the IT is key for an increasingly fast and efficient operation, other MV solutions are already in the implementation map of Hospital Leforte to boost strategic planning, strengthen the systemic vision and allow the successful attainment of goals. "We intend to offer more alternatives to our teams which contribute to the efficiency of results management with the follow-up of indicators in a transparent and secure way", says Vilania Sobral.

Also according to her, Hospital Leforte intends to adopt MV's Document Management and Risk Management. The first solution streamlines the management of documents related to routines and other activities of the institution, enabling the creation, standardization, update and control of document versions. As for the second one, it ensures the security of the corporate strategy by allowing the identification, monitoring and control of operational and financial risks. "Since we are in the process of recertification by Qmentum (Canadian Certification), having all of this information gathered facilitates the manager's understanding regarding the organizational strategy, its processes and obstacles for risk mitigation."

Among the benefits acquired with MV's solutions, I point out the culture change about the importance of sharing indicators and the systemic view of results to facilitate decision making. Without mentioning gains such as data integrity and performance evaluation.

Vilania Sobral - Quality corporate coordinator at Hospital Leforte