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Commitment to the Health area

It's been more than thirty years of competence and transparency, always supported by a team of talented and highly qualified professionals. With the mission of making health more efficient, MV has always contributed to the advancement of the segment, offering innovative solutions that changed the management outlook of hundreds of institutions. A pioneer on several times, it has brought concepts such as the computerization of health units, electronic prescription, paperless health and digital transformation. 


Making health more efficient through the knowledge of management and technology, contributing to a healthy society.


Triple the company's value, being a worldwide reference in knowledge and technology in the area of health management.



We build lasting relationships.


We are committed to customer success.


We work in integrated teams at all levels, we value and recognize our professionals.

Sustainable Profit

We guarantee the perpetuity of the company.


We act with integrity and transparency.


We innovate continuously.

Social Responsibility

We contribute to social transformation and evolution through education.


Leadership: references in Health

Paulo Magnus founded MV with the commitment of offering innovative solutions to support the routine of Health professionals and ensure the excellence in caring for the patient. Beside him, Alceu Alves, an executive with over 40 years of experience in Hospital Management and Health services, has been the company's vice president since 2018.


The foundation

Founded on July 20th 1987, on Porto Alegre city Brazil, MV started by offering hospital billing services, seeking the best results to it's clients and their organizations. 

This same year, the company established it's main branch in Recife, another city in Brazil. 



On 1993, MV launched SGHI, a system for integrated hospital management, which gathered modules to help on patient registration, cost managing and hospital billing. 



An integrated hospital management system with an interactive interface and improved desing which was more attractive to users. From this moment on, the technology started allowing an integrated view of the processes and efficient control of resources, costs and results. 


BI and EMR solutions

This year, MV launched it's Business Intelligence and EMR care solutions. 


MV’s first international client

On Luanda City Angola, Multiperfil Clinic used the company’s technology to make processes more integrated and dinamic.


MV Experience Forum

The first MV community event directed to experience exchange, lauching of new technologies and presentation of case studies and management best practices. 


EMR certification

MV’s EMR care solution was the first to receive certifications from the Brazilian Society of Health IT and Brazil’s Federal Medical Counsel.



SOUL MV system was launched with a different and flexible offer, ready to help private and public hospitals with excellece, as well as health insurance companies. 

It made UPA Imbiribeira, a health unit on Recife City Brazil, the first one to opperate without the use of paper in the country, using EMR care and digital certification. 


New acquisitions

In search of offering solutions to each of the health care specialties available, MV acquired several companies, bringing Hospidata, Brazil’s oldest hospital billing company, as well as  three other businesses from Microdata group, specialized in image management and radiology. 


Portfolio expansion

With Global Health’s launch, a cloud platform which connects web and mobile solutions, MV brought a new scenario in healthcare and well-being for patients, doctors and hospitals. 

MV’s expansion on the medical cooperative segment came with the acquisition of the GPSi system, which stands for “Integrated Health Insurance Providers Managing Tool”, from Racers Tecnologia, a specialist on solutions for health insurance companies. 


Latin America’s best EMR

For the first time, KLAS Research classified MV’s EMR as the best in Latin America, owning the highest market share. 


Latin America’s first digital hospital

Using MV’s technology, Unimed Recife III becomes the first digital hospital in Latin America. 


Medic App

MV started a new project in partnership with Apple, the Medic App. Gathering information from SOUL MV’s EMR, the app offers information within a hands reach, showing patients clinical history in an agile and dinamic manner. 


Command Center

Health management Command Center was created as an inovative solution to help organizations reach higher management performance. A new and revolutionary service, supported by specialists and the best technologies. 

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